ISO 27001 Readiness Assessments & Remediation

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ISO 27001 Readiness Assessments & Remediation

ISMS Quality Assurance Program

Kamhen is an ISMS certification, training and verification organization, having provided independent assurance of management systems for many years. Service options include a range of business assurance activities, from third party certification of complex integrated management systems through to basic auditing by examining the policies, risk assessment and documented ISMS

Our Assessment of your environment will be comprehensive and should provide the following assurances:

  • Meeting international benchmarks of security
  • Credibility, trust and confidence of Government and citizens
  • Greater awareness of security which demonstrates good governance by management
  • Providing awareness on internet security, privacy matters & legislation for citizens.
  • Compliance with legislation to prevent the possibility of litigation or fines
  • Securing confidentiality, integrity and availability for sensitive information
  • Prevention of confidentiality breaches
  • Prevention of unauthorized alteration of critical information
  • Prompt detection of data leakage and fast reaction like confidential emails being shared.
  • Competitive advantage – deciding differentiator in budget allocations, contract negotiations

As with all Kamhen engagements, this engagement will be conducted in utmost confidentiality and professionalism if given the opportunity to serve. We are open to further discussions and reviews at your most convenient time.

Kamhen Services Limited also has expertise which covers IT Audit, Technology Risk, Information Security and IT. We are dedicated to the delivery of high quality permanent and contract staffing solutions to businesses throughout Europe & Africa.

Our approach is one that recognises the unique characteristics of both the recruiting organisation and those of the job seeker or specialist consultant, and as such we create a tailored solution which increases the chances of a successful outcome for those we work with. Furthermore, we’re passionate about delivering a service which is results oriented and works for everyone.