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As the number of threats to enterprise security continues to grow, Kamhen offers a holistic approach to select information security services. We provide technology, strategy, processes, people, and services aligned with your business objectives to protect your information from breaching.

Kamhen offers focused security services to small, medium, and large enterprises. The services we offer at Kamhen have been designed with your business, especially the security of your IT information systems in mind. Please select any service of interest to you from the displayed list in order to see the details of the selected service.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced security experts who perform research, develop solutions, and work with you to solve all the security issues. Our strategies are focused on approaches to monitor, prevent, and remediate threats before they even materialize.



Online Reputation Management

In the online world, your reputation is everything. A new company with some whiz-bang products or services can make a big splash…

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Managed Security Services

People are our key resource when it comes to the Advanced Threat Detection and Response offering, all our analysts are certified platform specialists with experience managing multiple customers and a wide range of potential threats. They are passionate about their role in protecting your enterprise, they want to be your security team.
A highly effective, reliable major Global Partner with Over 20 years as a leading provider of cyber consulting services providing products and services to help detect, protect, and respond.
World class detection and response with USM Anywhere

Integrate GRC with business strategy

The need for integrating governance, risk and compliance (GRC) has become increasingly apparent, along with requirements from customers…

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ISO 27001 Readiness Assessments & Remediation

Kamhen is an ISMS certification, training and verification organization, having provided independent assurance of management systems for many years….

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Information Security Consulting

Kamhen is a full-service information security consulting firm. Kamhen offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses protect their valuable information assets….

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