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Kamhen is an independent company specializing exclusively in information security.Kamhen was by an internationally recognized industry experts and has becomes one the foremost information security consultancies in the european and African markets.kamhen offers comprehensive range of services to help business to protect their valuable information assets


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Information security is essential in order to prevent potentially costly and embarrassing security lapses.Kamhen provides detailed assessments of their client entire security infrastructure to identify and eliminate any vulnerabilty

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Kamhen has more than thirty years combined experience of identifying and exploiting weaknesses in information security systems among  some of the worlds largest corporations.We believe that our experience in the information security industry and unique combination of formal audit and technical IT skills which include automated assessment,extensive and continuous research serve as a firm basis for providing our clients with the best services available today.


Kamhen is growing concern,constantly profitable and totally debt-free in all respects.Kamhen is situated in the UK,Republic of Ireland,Nigeria.We have pertinent experience gained in projects over several years of government and commercial organization .Kamhen’s focus is always to quickly risks then propose cost effective remedial actions that provide tangible value ,reduction in costs, and return on investment(ROI)
Quite a few these clients are in the financial services industry where information security is an essential part of their core competency.

Kamhen staff created and implemented a roadmap for (Cusp Point software Limited) which assisted CUSP to a achieve the highly sought after independent certification to international recognized ISO/IEC 27001:2005 standard.

Kamhen staff have experience with working on projects with Procter & Gamble ireland.Hewlett Packard,Bank of Ireland,First Bank of Nigeria and African Development Bank(ADB),Road Safety Services Ireland,Cox Communications.

Kamhen subscribes to the principles of the international standard ISO 27001 – a code of practice of information security management with a unique emphasis on the integration with other legal,contractual and regulatory requirements.Kamhen ISO 27001 lead auditors,implementers are trained and certified by the British Standards Institute in london.All our consultants have tertiary qualifications and additional certifications including CISSP,CISM,CISA and HISP.