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Specialists in providing custom made security solutions


An independent company specialising exclusively in Information Security.

Founded by internationally recognised industry experts

One of the foremost Information Security consultancies in the European and African markets



Delivering managed security services that make's a difference

Our vision is to use experienced driven people, leading edge technology and progressive thinking to provide Information Security services that add value to business.

We provide clients with the knowledge and expertise to make informed judgement calls’ regarding risk of exposure in the compromise of information assets
and regulatory non compliance.

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What our clients are saying

"The hands-on exercises were fantastic. It's one thing to read about cyber attacks, but actually simulating them in a safe environment really drove the lessons home. I feel much better equipped to protect our company's data now."

"As a small business owner, I was overwhelmed by cybersecurity requirements. The consulting team broke everything down into manageable steps and helped us implement a robust security strategy. Their ongoing support has been invaluable."

"The training sessions were eye-opening! I never realized how vulnerable our systems were until the instructors walked us through real-world scenarios. Now I feel much more confident in identifying and addressing potential threats."